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    Alcohol and Drug Prevention at A.C.C.A.D.A.

    Posted on May 1, 2018

    Guest Column:  A.C.C.A.D.A. Alcohol/Drug Prevention    Kris Hickey has worked as a prevention educator in Ashland County for 27 years. She is employed at A.C.C.A.D.A. and is a State Certified Prevention Consultant. Almost everyone today knows someone directly or indirectly that has been affected by the opiate crisis in our country.  Families, communities, schools religious organizations and the government are all scrambling to try and find a solution to this ever growing issue. The Ashland County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Inc. (A.C.C.A.D.A.) believes that prevention works.  A.C.C.A.D.A. has been providing various prevention programs to area schools and organizations for over 30 years. Currently, A.C.C.A.D.A.’s main prevention program targets kindergarten through high school students. The program is called Too Good For Drugs! (TGFD) The program is a 10 week, comprehensive, evidence based program provided by the Mendez Foundation. TGFD is designed to build skills such as decision making, coping skills and assertive communication styles along with understanding peer pressure and practicing refusal strategies.   It reinforces resiliency and emphasizes positive attitudes and healthy choices as the norm.  Students are taught how to determine if a friend is a going to be a positive or negative influence on their lives and how… Read More »

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