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    Start Talking Program by Wendy Lemon – Prevention Educator at ACCADA

    Posted on February 20, 2018

    Most of us are aware of the issues our country faces with opioid addiction, and Ashland County is no exception. We are now beginning to see a rise in methamphetamine use and alcohol addiction continues to be an issue. In recent months Ashland County Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (A.C.C.A.D.A.) has been increasing its prevention efforts.  We hope to engage parents, guardians and mentors by encouraging them to use the Start Talking program. In 2011, the state of Ohio adopted a multi-pronged approach to fighting against drug abuse. One approach has been the development of a website called, Start Talking. The effort was launched by Governor John R. Kasich, and is geared toward parents and guardians. This website has been designed to give adults the necessary tools to start conversations about the importance of making healthy life choices and living drug-free. One of the leading contributing factors adolescents give for remaining drug-free is attributed to conversations with parents or guardians. One of the programs on the Start Talking website is called KNOW!, which was developed by the Prevention Action Alliance in Columbus. The goal of the KNOW! Program is to help parents develop communication habits with their children regarding… Read More »

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